As a Reserve member, your team can provide you with a highly tailored start-to-finish travel experience.


Club Acceptance

Once accepted into the club, we work with you to get the right photography, videography and description that provides an enchanting portrayal of your property/yacht. This will be uploaded into your account and, on approval by you, made live for other members to see. You will then be able to deposit weeks too though your Relationship Manager.


Travel Discovery

We also discuss with you what your upcoming travel plans and needs are so that we can help source what you are looking for through the membership base.


Travel Plans & Needs

Reserve members can either book other Reserve or Exchange weeks directly from the site or, they can work with their Relationship Manager to find the trips they are looking for.

  • Key Points:

  • No annual fees for the first year
  • All exchanges are implemented using our Key system but managed on a 'Keys when Booked' basis
  • The Key system is based on the per night / per week rental rates of the property/yacht
  • 1 Key = USD$1,250 in rental value
  • Booking Fees are USD$125 per Key

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