Frequently Asked Questions

What are the membership fees to be part of THIRDHOME Reserve?

Currently, membership is free and by invitation only. There will be a nominal annual fee at a later date. For more of an overview, please click here.

How do I book another Reserve property?

After finding a home (or homes) that you are interested in reserving, email with the name of the home and the dates you are looking for. If you have flexibility in your travel time, let us know that as well – ie, anytime during the month of June. We then contact the member(s) on your behalf to see if the property is available for the time you are requesting.

How are the Keys and booking fees calculated?

We use the property's weekly rental rate to calculate both of these. A THIRDHOME Key has a market value of c.USD$1250. Therefore we divide the USD$ rental rate by $1250 to give us a Key level. For example, if the week rents for USD$25,000 it would have a Key value of 20 in THIRDHOME Reserve (25,000/1250 = 20). We round up to the nearest Key. Booking fees are then simply calculated on a USD $125 per Key basis. Therefore in THIRDHOME Reserve, a week that would be $25k to rent costs a member 20 Keys + a booking fee of USD$2,500. Essentially, the booking fee is 10% of the rental rate.

How can I book a week if I do not have any credits (Keys) in my account?

You are permitted to book another property first without any prior commitments in your own home. We front/float you the Keys for your first booking as we would be relying on you for future commitments to honour weeks(s) requested by others in The Club to stay in your home. When we have secured your first booking for you, you then indicate the times that you have available in your property for other members to use. The float permitted is limited to the value of two weeks at your property. If the float can not be recouped by other Reserve members using your property within a calendar year, THIRDHOME reserves the right to offer the inventory to the Exchange club in order to the recoup the Keys.

Do I need to take a Security Deposit for bookings at my home?

This is not necessary. Like in THIRDHOME Exchange, all bookings are covered by our Host Assurance program. For more details, please click here.

How do I arrange for additional services at the property?

All Reserve properties come with regular maid service and most have a property manager/concierge that can organize the additional services desired such as chefs, massages, fridge-stocking, restaurant, excursion and activity bookings etc. Payment for these are made directly with the host manager. In the event that the property does not have anyone who can fulfill this, please contact us and we will organize it all for you.

Can I also be a member of THIRDHOME Exchange?

Of course you can. However, given the difference in rules and operating structure, we would keep your activity in both clubs separate. That said, any Keys generated in Reserve can be used in both sides of the club. Keys generated in THIRDHOME Exchange can only be used in that side. If you would like your property to be featured in both clubs, please contact us at

Can I buy additional Keys if I am a few short for a particular booking?

We would prefer you to commit to additional time in The Club for other members to use to get more Keys, but we understand that this is not always practical. You are able to buy a limited number of Keys at $500 per Key on a case-by-case basis.

How are you recruiting more members?

Discreetly. We are doing very little marketing and are relying on personal introductions and word-of-mouth referrals. If you know of anyone who you think would benefit from membership, please contact Giles at

What are the main differences between THIRDHOME Exchange and THIRDHOME Reserve?

  • Exclusivity and Privacy: All of the properties shown in Reserve can only be seen by other Reserve members. They can not be viewed by anyone else outside the Reserve club. Temporary passes may be granted to prospective members to view the existing membership base, but the general public is not able to see them. On the Reserve website, your name is not shown publicly in respect to your home. Personal info is not shared until a booking is made.
  • Property Value and Exchange basis:To qualify for membership into the Reserve, homes must be worth a minimum of USD$5MM with a per week rental value of USD$25k+. The exchange basis will be based on weekly rental rates as opposed to property value.
  • Enquiry and Request: All bookings are arranged and managed on an enquiry and request basis. Reserve members only have to commit time in their own homes once we have found you a trip to take first.
  • Reservations: These are managed manually by the Reserve Team. No live inventory is shown on the Reserve site. Once a trip has been agreed by the Host and the Guest, we process the booking with the credit card details you provide and then email confirmations are sent to both parties with appropriate information.

Can I cancel a confirmed booking?

As a Host, once a booking is agreed and confirmed through the receipt of email confirmations, the booking cannot be cancelled unless with the express permission of the Guest. In the event that a Guest agrees to a cancellation instigated by a Host, the Host is responsible for the refunding of the booking fee to the Guest and any non-refundable travel costs associated with the booking. The Keys associated with the booking will be returned to the Guest too.

As a Guest, if you wish to cancel a confirmed booking you can do but all booking fees associated with the reservation are non-refundable. The Keys associated with the booking are non-refundable too, unless the Reserve team is able to find a replacement Guest for the stay or the Host manages to rent the property out in the conventional manner.

What do I do if I cannot connect with my Host or Guest member?

Contact and we will be able to facilitate contact.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Membership and where do I find them?

The Terms and Conditions of THIRDHOME Reserve membership are governed by the Terms and Conditions of THIRDHOME membership. You can review them here.